Rauno K Parrila

Rauno K. Parrila

Professor of Educational Psychology, Director of J.P. Das Centre on Development and Learning Disabilities

Educational Psychology

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Research and Interests

Dr. Rauno Parrila received his Ph.D. from University of Alberta in 1996 with specialization in Learning and Development. After graduating from University of Alberta, he worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Queen’s University in Kingston, and as an Associate Professor of Educational and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Tromsø, Norway. He is a member of Special Education area.

Dr. Parrila is interested in psychological, linguistic, and social correlates of both typical and atypical development of academic skills, particularly reading. Dr. Parrila’s current research projects examine (a) the cognitive, linguistic, and social compensation mechanisms of high-functioning adult dyslexics, (b) linguistic and cognitive correlates of individual differences in reading acquisition, (c) the development and remediation of different subtypes of developmental dyslexias, and (d) the effect of seductive details in text or pictures on comprehension and retention of central information when reading expository texts. He also has a keen interest in identification and remediation of reading, attention, and problem solving difficulties in children.

His research has been funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, and Norwegian Research Council.

Selected Publications

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Parrila, R. K., Kirby, J. R., McQuarrie, L. (2004). Articulation rate, naming speed, verbal short-term memory, and phonological awareness: Longitudinal predictors of early reading development? Scientific Studies of Reading, 8, 3-26.


Courses Taught

  • EDPY 397 Mentoring Children and Adolescents 
  • EDPY 458  Advanced Assessment and Instruction of Exceptional Learners 
  • EDPY 555 Advanced Assessment and Intervention for Reading Disabilties
  • EDPY 560  Seminar on Research in Special Education 
  • EDPY 697  Special Seminars: Research in Special Education 
  • EDPY 697  Special Seminars: Advanced Research in Special Education