George Buck

George Buck

Professor and Department Chair

Educational Psychology
6-107C Education North

Research and Interests

My principal areas of research interest include:  learning and learning theories, instructional devices and their development, instructional delivery approaches and apparatus, computers and technology in education, critical analysis of technology, and research methodologies and their application to educational research.

Representative Publications


Buck, G. H.  (1997).  From summit to sea:  An illustrated history of railroads in British Columbia and Alberta.  Calgary, AB:  Fifth House Ltd.

Rutherford, S., and Buck, G. H.  (1997).  Computer-assisted instruction (CAI):  An introduction.  Edmonton, AB:  Grant MacEwan Community College, and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Book Chapters

Dust, T. J., and Buck, G. H. (2011). St. Joseph's Indian industrial school brass band.  In B. Bolden and M. Kennedy (Eds.), Widening the boundaries of music education, pp. 13-20. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria.

Buck, G. H.  (2006).  Advanced broadband enabled learning:  An example of participatory action research.  In Mann, B. L. (Ed).  Selected styles in web-based educational research.  (pp. 161-178).  Hershey, PA:  Information Science Publishing (an imprint of Idea Group Inc.)

Buck, G. H.  (2001).  Factors affecting the adoption and use of instructional devices. In Barrell, B. (Ed).  Technology, teaching and learning:  Issues in the integration of technology. (pp. 61-82).  Calgary, AB: Detselig Enterprises Ltd.

Refereed Journal Articles

Dust, T. J., and Buck, G. H. (2010). William Scollen: Alberta pioneer school band teacher. Alberta History, 58(4), 11-18.

Sanders, J. L., and Buck, G. H. (2010). A long journey: Biological and non-biological parents' experiences raising children with FASD. Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology, 17(2), e308-e322.

Buck, G. H. (2010). A narrative account of Victoria. In D.J. Clandinin, P. Steeves & J.R. Mickelson (Eds.), Composing lives: A narrative account into the experiences of youth who left school early. (pp. 153-176). Edmonton, AB: Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research.

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Buck, G. H. (1989).  Teaching machines and teaching aids in the ancient world.  McGill Journal of Education, 24, 31-54.

Non-refereed Articles

Buck, G.H.  (2006).  Editorial:  Quid est veritas? Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 52(1), 1-3.

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Buck, G.H. (1995).  The farmers, Bible Bill, and the A.T.A.:  Possible parallels to today.  The A.T.A. Magazine, 75(3), 27-30.

Courses Taught

  • EDPY 501:  Introduction to Methods of Educational Research
  • EDPY 510:  Learning, Cognition and Education