Martin Mrazik

Martin Mrazik

Associate Professor

Department of Educational Psychology
University of Alberta

Research Interests

My graduate clinical training was completed in school psychology (University of Alberta) and later specialized in clinical neuropsychology (University of Georgia). 

My research and clinical interests in neuropsychology consider the application of neuropsychology to specific populations.  I am interested in traumatic brain injury outcomes in children and athletes.  I am a co-investigator in 2 Canada wide CIHR grants aimed at improving diagnosis and treatment for pediatric traumatic brain injury.  I also have a specialized interest in sport concussion and am currently a part of a Canada wide study evaluating injury outcomes from sport concussion. Specifically I am interested in what psychological outcomes arise from sport concussions and what psychological variables predict prolonged recovery from sport concussion. Finally, together with other researchers at the U of A, we are interested in learning about biomechanical forces of concussions.

Finally, my travels to Kenya during my sabbatical led me to connect with a Humanitarian Organization, A Better World. I have become very interested in International School Psychology and finding opportunities for graduate students to use their abilities in psychology for the global community.

Professional Affiliations

Currently, my professional affiliations include:  National Academy of Neuropsychology (NAN); Canadian Psychological Association (CPA); American Psychological Association (APA); College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP), Sports Neuropsychology Society (SNS), International Congress on Psychology (ICP). 

Representative Publications

Mrazik, M., Brooks, B.L., Jubinville, A. L., Meeuwisse, W.H., & Emery, C.A. (2016). Psychosocial Outcomes of Sport Concussions in Youth Hockey Players. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 31 (4), 297-304.

Mrazik, M. Dennison, C., Brooks, B.L., Yeates, K.O., Babul, S., & Naidu, D., (2015). The Current State of Sport Concussion Education. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 49 (24), 1548-53.

Ritchie, L.J., Mrazik, M., Alfano, D.P., Chase, D., Comper, P., Czarnota, M., Garcia-Berrera, M.A., Iverson, G.L., Maclean, M., Mendella, P., & Williams, T.S. (2015). The role of neuropsychology in the management of youth concussion in Canada. Curr Res Concussion, 2 (1), 8 – 10.

Mrazik, M., Naidu, D., Manning, E.D., Brooks, B.L. (2015). Does game participation impact cognition and symptoms in elite football players? Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

McKay, C., Brooks, B.L., Mrazik, M., Meeuwisse, W.H., & Emery, C.A. (2014). Baseline evaluation in youth ice hockey players: Comparing methods for documenting prior concussions, attention problems, and learning difficulties. Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, 44(5), 329-35).

Brooks, B.L., Mrazik, M., Barlow, K.M., McKay, C., Meeuwisse, W.H., & Emery, C.A., (2014). Absence of sex differences in adolescent athletes with a history of prior sport concussionJournal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 29(3), 257-264.

Mrazik, M., Perra, A., Brooks, B.L., & Naidu, D. (2014). Exploring Minor Hockey Players’ Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Concussion: Implications for Prevention. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, Epub ahead of print.

Brooks, B.L., McKay, C., Mrazik, M., Barlow, K.M., Meeuwisse, W.H., Emery, C.A. (2013).  Subjective but not objective lingering effects of multiple past concussions in adolescents.  Journal of Neurotrauma, 30, 1469 – 1475.

Mrazik, M. Janzen, T.R., Dombrowski, S., Barford, S., & Krawchuk, L. (2012).  Administration and Scoring Errors of Graduate Students Learning the WISC-IV. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 27(4), 270-290.

Krol, A.L., Mrazik, M., Naidu, D., Brooks, B.L. Iverson, G.L. (2012). Assessment of Symptoms in a Concussion Management Program: Method Influences Outcome. Brain Injury, 25, 1300-1305.

Book Chapters

Mrazik, M. & Sattler, J. (2014).  Brain Injuries: Theory and Rehabilitation.  In J. Sattler & R. Hoge (Eds.), Assessment of Children, Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Foundations, 6th Edition. La Mesa, California: Jerome M. Sattler Publishing Inc.  

Mrazik, M. & Sattler, J. (2014).  Brain Injuries: Assessment.  In J. Sattler & R. Hoge (Eds.), Assessment of Children, Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Foundations, 6th Edition. La Mesa, California: Jerome M. Sattler Publishing Inc.   

Courses Taught

  • EDPY 304:  Adolescent Development
  • EDPY 518/519:  Individual Psychological Assessment
  • EDPY 641:  Advanced Assessment
  • EDPY 642:  Applied Neuropsychological Assessment
  • EDPY 643: Child and Adolescent Therapy and Intervention
  • EDPY 650:  Internship in School and Clinical Psychology

Please contact me if you have questions about my research or courses being taught in Educational Psychology.