Martin Mrazik

Martin Mrazik

Associate Professor

Department of Educational Psychology
University of Alberta

Research Interests

Psychological Assessment: Dr. Mrazik’s research and clinical work focuses on psychoeducational assessment of intelligence, academics, and emotional/behavioral functioning of children. With previous experience as a school psychologist, Dr. Mrazik is interested in applied psychological assessment, particularly as it applies to the school setting. He teaches the individual psychological assessment courses in the School and Clinical Child Psychology Program.

Traumatic brain injury/sport concussion: My background in clinical neuropsychology has led to special interest in traumatic brain injury and sport concussion. I am interested in neuropsychological assessment of traumatic brain injury including sport concussion. Current projects involve psychological outcomes of sport concussions through collaborations on several CIHR funded projects, and active rehabilitation of athletes following concussion. In addition, I have collaborations with a multi-national study investigating rehabilitation of professional athletes following sport concussion


B.Sc. University of Alberta (Psychology)

B.Ed. University of Alberta

M.Ed. University of Alberta (School Psychology)

Ph.D. University of Georgia (Clinical Neuropsychology)

Professional Affiliations

Currently, my professional affiliations include:  Canadian Psychological Association (CPA); American Psychological Association (APA); College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP), Sports Neuropsychology Society (SNS), International Congress on Psychology (ICP). 

Representative Publications

Mrazik, M., Lenchyshyn, J., Borza, C., Naidu, D., & Lebrun, C.M. (in Press). Psychometric properties of a concussion evaluation tool in college athletes. Psychology and Psychiatry.

Mrazik, M., Brooks, B.L., Jubinville, A. L., Meeuwisse, W.H., & Emery, C.A. (2016). Psychosocial Outcomes of Sport Concussions in Youth Hockey Players. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 31 (4), 297-304.

Mrazik, M. Dennison, C., Brooks, B.L., Yeates, K.O., Babul, S., & Naidu, D., (2015). The Current State of Sport Concussion Education. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 49 (24), 1548-53.

Ritchie, L.J., Mrazik, M., Alfano, D.P., Chase, D., Comper, P., Czarnota, M., Garcia-Berrera, M.A., Iverson, G.L., Maclean, M., Mendella, P., & Williams, T.S. (2015). The role of neuropsychology in the management of youth concussion in Canada. Curr Res Concussion, 2 (1), 8 – 10.

Mrazik, M., Naidu, D., Manning, E.D., Brooks, B.L. (2015). Does game participation impact cognition and symptoms in elite football players? Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

McKay, C., Brooks, B.L., Mrazik, M., Meeuwisse, W.H., & Emery, C.A. (2014). Baseline evaluation in youth ice hockey players: Comparing methods for documenting prior concussions, attention problems, and learning difficulties. Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, 44(5), 329-35).

Brooks, B.L., Mrazik, M., Barlow, K.M., McKay, C., Meeuwisse, W.H., & Emery, C.A., (2014). Absence of sex differences in adolescent athletes with a history of prior sport concussionJournal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 29(3), 257-264.

Mrazik, M., Perra, A., Brooks, B.L., & Naidu, D. (2014). Exploring Minor Hockey Players’ Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Concussion: Implications for Prevention. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, Epub ahead of print.