Adjunct Professors/Post-Doctoral Fellows

Adkins, Robin, BA, MA, PhD (Manitoba).
Main interests: Individual therapy across all ages using various theoretical orientations with a focus on building strengths and capacity; family therapy; process issues in therapy; supervision.

Babenko, Oksana, BA (Ukraine), MA, PhD (Alberta).
Main Interests: Educational measurement and evaluation; medical education; research design and quantitative research methods; psychometrics. Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry profile

Barford, Sean, BA (Concordia University, Edmonton), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)
Main interests: Psychoeducational assessment with children, adolescents, and adults, learning disorders, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, complex case conceptualization, clinical supervision, stress and burnout, compassion fatigue, general wellness and mental health.

Brenton-Haden, Sally, BMus, BEd (Mount Allison), MEd (New Brunswick), PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: Inclusive Education, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Differentiated Instruction, and students with diverse learning needs including Learning Disabilities and ADHD.

Brown, Dennis, BA, LLB, PD/AD, MEd, PhD (Alberta). 
Main interests: Individual therapy, group and family therapy, marital and family therapy, organizational dynamics.

Cankaya, Ozlem,  BSc (Middle East Technical), MA (McGill), PhD (Carleton). 
Main interests: Effects of culture/language/playing games on young children’s cognitive development and learning, numeracy and literacy development, quantitative research methods, data-linkage.

Carter, Stephen, BEd, MEd, PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: adolescents, child and family counselling; high conflict divorce interventions, child and adolescent behaviour; psychoeducational, behavioural, personality, and parenting/custody assessment; school counselling; divorce, grief, loss and abuse issues; media psychology.

Chambers, Wendy, BA, BEd (with distinction), MEd(TESL), PhD (Calgary).
Main Interests: Sociolinguistics, technology and language learning, English language curriculum design, and intercultural communicative competence.

Chmiliar, Linda, BEd, MEd, PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: inclusion, mobile learning, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, assistive technologies, and learning with the iPad.

Christianson, Carley, BEd, MEd (Saskatchewan) PhD (Alberta). 
Main interests: counselling adolescents, adults and families; grief and loss issues; suicide bereavement; teacher preparation.

Dunn, Joshua Cabel, BA, MEd, PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: Psychotherapy for adults and couples; the treatment of Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression; clinical supervision; and psychological assessment for medical disability or litigation purposes.

Dunn, William, BA (McGill), MA (North Carolina), PhD (Cornell).
Main interests: Second language education, teaching English as a second language.

Duff, Carlton T, BA (British Columbia), MA (Victoria), PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: psychological assessment; child, adolescent, and adult psychopathology and counselling; best practices in school-based assessment and intervention; psychotherapy outcome; existential psychology.

Edey, Wendy, BA (Alberta), BSW (Calgary), MEd (Alberta).
Main interests: Hope- and strength-based counselling; healthy responses to illness; creative adaptation to care-giver stress; flourishing with disabilities; hope- and strength-based workshops for health and social service professionals; Practice Affiliate of Hope Studies Central.
Hope Studies Central profile 

ElAtia, Samira, BA (Hassan II), MA (Illinois State), PhD (Illinois). Associate Professor of Education, Director of graduate studies (Campus Saint-Jean). 
Main interests : Language testing, assessment of French in minority context, second language acquisition, sociolinguistic bias in educational tests, learning analytics in test analysis and educational research, assessment of essential competencies in higher education.
University of Alberta profile

Fraser, Leah, BA Hons (Victoria), MA Clinical (Lakehead)
Main Interests:  clinical supervision, psycho-educational assessment, student mental health and developmental issues.

Gervais, Roger O, BA, MEd, PhD (Alberta), ABPP (CP).
Main interests: Symptom validity assessment, MMPI-2-RF and development of the Response Bias Scale, cognitive and personality assessment of medical disability and personal injury claimants, PTSD, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, application of scientist-practitioner model to clinical practice.

Guardado, Martin, Assistant Professor, BA (Honours equivalent), MEd, PhD (British Columbia). Teaching English as a Second Language.
Main interests: Language socialization, heritage languages, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT), technology and language education, discourse analysis, ethnography, action research. 
Faculty of Extension profile

Jahnukainen, Markku, MEd, PhD (Helsinki).
Main interests: Comparative and international research in inclusive and special education, education policy of special education, prevention of social exclusion, educational trajectories of young people in vulnerable position.

Janzen, Troy, BSc, MEd, PhD (Alberta).
Main Interests: Cognitive assessment and the identification of Learning Disabilities, intervention with Learning Disabilities, research with clinical assessment database within the Education Clinic, and clinical training of graduate students in clinical assessment and intervention.
Department of Educational Psychology profile

Kadambi, Michaela, BSc (Brandon), MEd, PhD (Alberta).
Main interests:  Provision of counselling/psychotherapy, psychotherapy outcome, clinical supervision, vicarious trauma, practitioner burnout, secondary traumatic stress, post-secondary student mental health.

Klassen, Rob, BEd, MA (British Columbia), PhD (Simon Fraser)
Main interests: Teacher motivation and engagement; teacher selection; adolescent motivation.

Lefrancois, Guy, BEd, MEd (Saskatchewan), PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: Textbook development in the areas of educational psychology, child and adult development, general psychology, learning theories, the history of psychology, and learning and assessment.

Lewis, Melanie, BN, MD (Calgary), MMEd (Dundee), Pediatrician at the Stollery Children's Hospital.
Main interests: Medical education, physician health, and curriculum development.

Light, Justine, BA (Lancaster); PGCE (Birmingham), MEd, TESL, (Alberta).
Main interests: Task-based language teaching, Canadian Language Benchmarks, English for Academic Purposes.

Loreman, Timothy, DipT (Monash) GradDipEd (Deakin) MEd (Deakin) PhD. (Monash) 
Main interests: Inclusive education, teacher education. 

Lucardie, Richard, BA, MEd, PhD (Alberta).
Main Interests: Clinical assessment of children and adults regarding mental disorders, personality, cognition, academic achievement, adaptive functioning, emotional behavioural functioning, parenting, and child abuse and neglect. Additional interests and clinical practice includes evaluation of ethics and jurisprudence in psychological practice for the College of Alberta Psychologists, and expert court testimony in child protection decisions.

Massey, Donald S, BA, MA (British Columbia), PhD (Alberta) R Psych, DABPS,  ABPdN,  ABDA, CSME
Main interests: neuropsychology (pediatric/adult), forensic neuropsychology, developmental and learning disorders, diagnostic assessment, school psychology, cross-cultural psychology, Gestalt psychotherapy.

Massey, Valerie, B.Ed., M.Ed. (British Columbia), PhD (Alberta) R Psych, DABPS, DABDA, CSME
Main interests: clinical psychology, forensic neuropsychology, neuropsychology (pediatric/adult), fetal alcohol syndrome.

Moench, Judy, BEd, MA, PhD (Alberta). 
Main interests:  trauma; emotional regulation; collaboration; issues in schools; emotion, learning, thinking, and behaviour; socialization; counselling children, adolescents, and adults.

Monkhouse, Bruce, BS, MA, PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: Specialization in Forensic assessment and group treatment.

Moussu, Lucie, BA, MA (Brigham Young), PhD (Purdue).
Main interests: Writing Centers, non-native English-speaking ESL/EFL teachers, Second Language Writing.
Centre for Writers profile

Nelson, Monty, BA (Saskatchewan), MEd, PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: Neuropsychological assessment of adult learning disorders, dementias and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, as well as capacity evaluations.

Noels, Kimberly, BA (Ottawa), PhD (Ottawa).
Main interests: Intercultural communication, social and cultural aspects of second language learning.
Department of Psychology profile

Oswald, Anna, BMSc, MD (Alberta), MMEd (Dundee).
Main interests: Health professions education, medical education and best evidence in medical education (BEME).

Petryshyn, W Roman, BA, MA (Lakehead), PhD (Bristol), Diploma in Social Sciences (Birmingham). 
Main interests: Reform of the Higher education system in Ukraine and carrying out international technical assistance projects in Eastern Europe.

Randall, Wade, BA (Calgary), MEd, PhD (Alberta). 
Main interests: Psychological, educational, and functional assessments for learning disorders, emotional and behavioural disorders, and developmental delays.

Rasmussen, Carmen, BA (Calgary), PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, neurobehavioral development, executive functioning, Aboriginal children's health.

Ross, Shelley, BSc (Victoria), MEd (Victoria), PhD (Victoria)
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry profile

Russell, Debra, BEd (Alberta), MEd, PhD (Calgary).
Main interests: Signed language interpreting, mediated education with Deaf children and interpreters, legal interpretation with an emphasis on consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, Deaf interpreting, Deaf-non-deaf teams working at international conferences, Deaf seniors and technology.

Schnirer, Laurie, BEd, MEd, PhD (Alberta)

Stewart, Garth A, BA (Trinity Western ), MEd (Manitoba), PhD(Alberta).
Main interests: neuropsychology, ADHD.

Symes, Brent, BA, MEd (New Brunswick), PhD (Alberta).
Main interests: Psycho-educational assessment, learning disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, behaviour disorders, childhood mental health, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Varnhagen, Stanley, BA (Kenyon College), MA, Ph.D. (California).
Main interests: education and instructional technology, program evaluation, research ethics.
Faculty of Extension profile

Welch, Janet E, BEd (Lethbridge), Masters (Sunderland), PhD (Phoenix). 
Main interests: educational technology, learner-centred course design/development, faculty/staff development and leadership.

White, Jonathan Samuel, BMedSci, MB, PhD (Queens University of Belfast), MSc (Calgary), 3M National Teaching Fellow and Tom Williams Chair in Surgical Education

Wikman, Erik,
BA, (Wilfrid Laurier), BEd, MEd (Western Ontario), PhD (Alberta). Main interests: Child, adolescent, family, group, and couples counselling; psycho-educational assessment; behavioural and personality assessment; ADHD; parent training/child resiliency skill building; interdisciplinary intervention; child advocacy.

updated March 2016